Technology transfer

Technology transfer

Defense infrastructure

Defense infrastructure



Training and education

Training and education

Communication and information security

Communication and information security

Research, development and testing

Research, development and testing

As the integrator of the Serbian defence industry, Yugoimport-SDPR has a long-standing experience in providing various services in the field of defence industry. This primarily includes: research and development, overhaul and modernization, personnel training, education and specialization, design, construction and equipping of defence infrastructure facilities, transfer of defence technologies, information security, etc. 

In addition to the factories of the defence industry, the defence system institutions are also included in the process of providing services, primarily the Military Technical Institute and Technical Test Center for testing of weapons and military equipment, certification of technical products and calibration of measuring equipment, as well as technical overhaul depots and the Military Academy and a number of research and development facilities, scientific institutes and faculties, state-owned and privet industrial companies. 

Construction of military infrastructure, as well as the design and construction of industrial capacities is primarily entrusted to PMC Engineering, a subsidiary of Yugoimport-SDPR, founded in 1993. The main activity of this company is project management and performance of construction works in the country and abroad. Owing to its extensive experience in working on various projects, its comprehensive knowledge of the world market and fruitful cooperation with numerous companies and collaborators, PMC Engineering has been able to provide valuable support to its business partners to achieve their goals.


The Yugoimport-SDPR’s expert teams are very active in the field of information security.

This area includes modern services, products and consulting services in the field of defence against cyber attacks, including APT campaigns and „ethical hacking“. The damage made by cyber attacks can cause serious long-term consequences, and as a result the countries and all the participants in the defence industry are enhancing their defence capabilities. Since the tools of cyber warfare are highly destructive, and readily available, it is essential to have adequate means and strategies for defence.

Our services and products include:

•             Software development, customization, testing and analysis of research tools - intended for security structures and organizations for digital data analysis

•             Cyber warfare tools: procurement, customization, testing and analysis

•             Information security tools: collection of the public-domain information, analysis and interpretation.


Defence against cyber attacks:

•             Strategic consulting  

•             Development of regulations  

•             Development, implementation and harmonization of standards and regulations

•             Technological risk assessment

•             Vulnerability testing

•             Assessment of network security, system and software infrastructure

 •            Development of CERT/CSIRT procedures

•             Planning and implementation of Security Operations Centers (SOC)

•             Development of information security plans


Incident management:

•             Remote and on-site support

•             System and data recovery

•             Incident analysis

  •           Creating procedures for solving incidents


Communication security:

•             Service for secure, encrypted non-voice and text communication

•             Operational security

•             Security infrastructure

•             Provider services


Research & Development

•             Evaluation of hardware and software solutions

•             Checking security of the supply chain and delivered hardware and software

•             Laboratories for software testing

•             Verification of encryption algorithms

  •           Software development


Consulting and services in the field of information security:

•            Consultations in the operational domain of information security

•             APT simulation and campaigns

•             Development of APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) tools

•             Collection of the public-domain information 

•             Development of tools for protection against cyber attacks.