About us

J.P. Jugoimport-SDPR is a state-owned company with a decades-long tradition in the trade of armaments, defence equipment and transfer of technology.

J. P. Jugoimport-SDPR’s core business activity from its incorporation up to this date is foreign trade in armaments and defence equipment, including both import and export of armaments and defence equipment, services in the fie ld of overhaul and upgrade of armaments and defence equipment, personnel education and training and complex cooperation – primarily transfer of defence technologies, capital investment in the field of defence infrastructure, joint development and production etc. Known globally as an arms dealer, Jugoimport-SDPR has innovated its business policy with an ambition to position itself in the future as a manufacturer of complex weapon systems and defence equipment.

The business policy of Jugoimport-SDPR J. P. focuses on three missions:

  • Mission of Integrator of the Serbian defence industry companies in the world defence market
  • Mission of development and production organization of complex weapon systems in the capacity of system integrator
  • Mission of equipping the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia with imported complex weapon systems

The mission of a system integrator of the Serbian defence complex on the global defence market is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and its institutions, as well as with the relevant state authorities, with which we have organized successfully a number of presentations and visits to state officials of the countries we cooperate with.

The second mission, no less important, includes in-house development and production of complex weapon systems. In order to improve this business activity in an adequate way, Jugoimport-SDPR J. P. has invested considerable funds to improve the business processes of some Serbian defence companies, to make jointly market-oriented and technically competitive products and services. To this effect, at the end of the last year, Complex Weapon Systems Factory was opened in which production of complex systems will be completed.

Market research, following the trends of customer’s needs and equipping, taking active part in international defence shows are and will be the basic marketing tools in defining the five-year plan necessary to keep our position on the markets of those partners with which we have been collaborating for many years, but also to acquire, with determination and know-how, new markets and create new strategic partners.

For all its success of which it is proud, Jugoimport-SDPR J. P. will continue to pursue its missions in the future and strive to adjust its business operations and its offer to the requirements of the international defence market, with the aim of accomplishing new, significant results in the global market.