Lazar 3 is an armored 8x8 wheeled vehicle designed for various applications and missions.
The power train is accommodated in the front right-side of the vehicle in a protected space completely separated from the crew. The central transfer case transmits the torque to all wheels that have independent suspension and provide for the vehicle's high mobility. All the shafts provide power, while the first two steer the wheels.
Lazar 3 has a highly sophisticated, modular ballistic protection. The hull is made of armored steel and can be fitted with a spall liner. The applied ballistic protection can be tailored to the specific needs of the user and allows for application of additional state-of-the-art ballistic protection technologies throughout the vehicle service life. The vehicle floor has two levels of anti-mine protection.
The driver's and commander's space is located in the front of the vehicle. The vehicle has two side doors for the entrance/exit of the driver and the commander. Both the driver and the commander have hatches above their seats. The driver's hatch has a three-position lock, one position being designed for locking the cover while driving with the open hatch. The driver and the commander have each three periscopes available for their use in the vehicle. The driver's seat is ergonomic and adjustable in vertical and horizontal planes. The steering column is also adjustable in height and steering angle.
The crew compartment is located in the rear of the vehicle and provides enough space for various missions. This part of the vehicle can be accessed through the rear ramp, through the two doors embedded in this ramp or through the big hatches on the vehicle roof. The ramp is hydraulic-operated by way of the power train. It can be activated both from the driver's compartment and the crew compartment.
The number of the crew depends on the type of a mission and the weapons used in the vehicle. When the vehicle is equipped with the remote control weapon station (RCWS), the vehicle should be manned with 12 troops (commander, driver, gunner + 9 soldiers), while the version with a turret would be manned with one soldier less.

Dimensions and weight

  • Length: 7920mm
  • Width: 2950mm
  • Height (without turret): 2320mm
  • Clearance: 420mm
  • Approach angle: 45°
  • Departure angle: 38°
  • Wheel base: 2530mm
  • Spacing between axles: 1500mm-1800mm-1450mm
  • Engine space: 5m³
  • Crew space: 15m³
  • Combat weight (depending of mission and protection): 24-26t
  • Max. weight: 28t
  • Maximum speed: 110 km/h
  • Gradient: 60 %
  • Side slope: 30 %
  • Vertical obstacles: max 0.55 m
  • Trench: 2 m
  • Turning radius: 11,5 m
  • Fording: 1.6 m

Additional protection (at the request of the user)

  • All-around ballistic protection level 4 Stanag 4569
  • Ballistic protection of the vehicle front level 5 Stanag 4569

Basic protection

  • All-around ballistic protection level 3 Stanag 4569
  • Ballistic protection of the vehicle front level 3+ Stanag 4569
  • Anti-mine protection levels 3a and 3b Stanag 4569
  • Engine - Manufacture and model: Cummins ISM500. - Volume: 11 l.

                - Maximum power: 373 kW (500HP).

                - Maximum torque: 2100 Nm (1200-1600 rpm). - Communication: CAN

  • Gearbox
  • Transfer case
  • Suspension
  • Wheels
  • Braking system
  • Steering system
  • Electric system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Air - Conditioning system
  • Vehicle - Central tire inflation system (CTIS) - Winch, 10 t

                 - Automatic firefighting system - Intercom system

                 - Vehicle video system - Smoke pot launchers - Glass washing system


The vehicle may be equipped with various weapons, ranging from a 12.7 mm RCWS to a 30 mm cannon turret.

Remotely Controlled Weapon Station with 12.7 mm machine gun is intended for neutralizing ground targets (command posts, light armored vehicles, utility trucks and enemy troops), as well as for fighting against specific air targets (helicopters, light airplanes, RPV-s, UAV-s and parachutists).
The Lazar III gunner operates 12.7 mm RCWS.


  • L x W x H (mm): 1656 x 1026 x 883
  • Total weight (without ammunition): 280 kg


  • Type: Remotely controlled weapon station, with fire control system
  • RCWS drive in traverse and elevation: electrical
  • Azimuth ~ n x 360º
  • Elevation ~ -7ºto +60º

12.7 HMG (Heavy machine gun)

  • Type: NSV modernized, self-contained, externally mounted
  • Caliber: 12.7 x 108mm
  • Time to fire: ~ 60 sec.
  • Operation mode: gas operated
  • Maximum range:
  1. Against aerial targets ~ 1,500 m
  2. Against ground targets ~ 2,000 m
  • Machine gun feeding: belt fed
  • Number of rounds per belt: 180
  • Rate of fire: more than 600 rounds/min
  • Machine gun weight: ~ 28kg


  • Azimuth angular velocity: up to 50 º/s,
  • Elevation angular velocity: up to 37 º/s,
  • Azimuth range: n x 360 º
OPTION - 30 mm cannon turet

The main subsystems are:

  • 30 mm Gun 2A42
  • 7,62-mm Machine gun PKTM
  • 30 mm Automatic grenade launcher AG-17
  • Camouflage System 902V
  • Electromechanical biplane armament stabilizer
  • Laying angle in elevation -5°..+70°
  • Laying angle in azimuth 360°
  • Rate of fire, rds/min 600-800
  • Ring diameter, mm 1235

Electric drive:

  • Control electronics subsystem
  • Electric drive subsystem
  • Absolute encoders which determine the weapon position
  • Control stick

Characteristics of the electric drive:

  • In azimuth nx360º, max. speed 55º per second
  • In elevation -10º to 60º, max. speed 30º per second
  • Accuracy of laying - less than 1 mil