Test firing with the self-propelled gun howitzer “Nora B-52 М21”

After Asia, Africa and Europe, the artillery system from the production program of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. reaches the American continent.

At the invitation of the US Government, the latest version of Jugoimport-SDPR 155 mm family of self-propelled artillery weapons will be sent for test firing to the US, where it will be tested by the US Armed Forces at YUMA military shooting range in Arizona. If it demonstartes better characteristics than similar artillery systems of other selected manufacturers, there is a chance that the Serbian artillery system will be introduced into the US Armed Forces.

The test firing was carried out today demonstrating the performance of the self-propelled gun howitzer Nora B-52 M 21, which is a modified version of the Nora B-52 M 15 designed for the participation in this testing.

The howitzer "Nora" is designed as 155 mm self-propelled gun howitzer intended for providing a fire support to its own units. The fire support is achieved with strong, sudden and fast firing at targets of tactical, operational and strategic importance at long distances.

The basic weapon of the self-propelled howitzer is a 155 mm gun, built into the turret, and the auxiliary weapon is a 12.7 mm machine gun with a turret. The latest version of "Nora" has a computerized fire control system, as well as an automatic loader, but also an additional space in the truck for another 24 projectiles.

The self-propelled gun howitzer "Nora-B52 M 21" provides good off-road and on-road mobility, transportation of weapon operators, as well as three modes of operation (automatic, semi-automatic and manual). The number of the howitzer crew members is five, namely the commander, the gunner, the driver and two operators. The transition from a travelling into a combat position takes one and a half minutes.

"Nora" is a modern artillery weapon system that has already gained a significant international reputation. The self-propelled gun howitzers "Nora" are successfully used in the Serbian Army, while a large number of self-propelled gun howitzers "Nora" is produced and delivered to foreign markets, together with accompanying logistic, command and reconnaissance vehicles and equipment.