New turret “PRAGA” tested

A successful live-firing test of RCWS 30/2 mm "Double-Headed Eagle" was performed at the Nikinci range, armed with a double-barreled gun 30 mm integrated on an 8x8 multi-purpose combat armored vehicle "Lazar 3", in the variant "Lazar 3 P", thus indicating that in this configuration, it is primarily intended for combat support of infantry units by engaging ground targets at effective distances up to 2000 m.

RCWS consists of a weapon station mounted on the roof of a vehicle, the gunner's command console located inside the vehicle, as well as the electronics block. The weapon station is equipped with a sensor block with a built-in day camera, night camera (thermal imaging) and laser ranger finder.

The concept of this RCWS is based on the use of gun carriages with AA gun M53/59 "Praga" with the integration of modern opto-electronic fire control system and electric laying in traverse and azimuth.

The most important features of the weapon - high density of fire, precision and high kinetic energy of the projectile (higher than other existing guns of that caliber in the East and West), make this weapon suitable for regular application.