Minister Vučević Attends Firings from Multi-Purpose Armored Combat Vehicle - Miloš

Today Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Miloš Vučević, attended firings from 4x4 multi-purpose armored combat vehicle, Miloš, at the training ground of the Center for Testing of ADE – Nikinci.

The Delegation of the Ministry of Defense of Hungary, led by the Hungarian National Armaments Director, General Laszlo Tombol, who is staying in Serbia as a part of the planned activities aimed at strengthening bilateral military and technical cooperation, also attended the firing demonstration.

After witnessing the accuracy and firepower of the multi-purpose combat armored vehicle "Miloš" and the capabilities of the crew, Minister Vučević pointed out that Serbia protects its defence industry and that the Serbian Armed Forces is mostly supplied from its own capacities. He emphasized that it is particularly important that we produce key combat systems, such as Miloš vehicle, and that we will continue investing in the domestic defense industry, as well as equipping units of the Serbian Armed Forces with the most up-to-date combat equipment with the aim of strengthening combat readiness.

During today's activity, firing demonstration from the 12.7 mm remote controlled combat station, mounted on the 4x4 multi-purpose combat vehicle, Miloš, at a distance of 500m to 1200 m, was performed, as well as firing from 20/3 mm remote controlled combat station, KERBER, on the new generation 4x4 multi-purpose combat vehicle, Miloš, with increased capacity of 10 seats, at a distance of 1200m.

Also, the crew of the 4x4 multi-purpose vehicle, Miloš, demonstrated firing at close range in order to simulate the ambush combat operations and the capability of Miloš vehicle to overcome obstacles according to modern world standards.

Today, firing demonstration from the self-propelled howitzer 155mm B-52 M-21, NORA, was performed at ranges greater than 20 km, by using a domestic fire control system.