Joint Military Exercise “Maneuvers 2022”

The President of the Republic of Serbia and the Commander-in-Chief of the Serbian Defense Forces (DF), Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, has attended today part of the activities performed at the "Pasuljanske livade" proving ground within the "Maneuvers 2022" joint military exercise, intended to evaluate the training effectiveness of the 3rd Army Brigade reserve forces.

President Vučić has had the opportunity, together with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Mr. Miloš Vučević, Chief of Staff of the Serbian DF, gen. Milan Mojsilović, the management of "Jugoimport-SDPR" J.P. and other high officials, to witness the high level of competence of both the professional and the reserve personnel serving in the Serbian Army during the live firing from small arms, artillery weapons and armored vehicles, as well as the weapons from the development program of our defense industry.

The President has visited several operating points where the active and reserve personnel of 3rd Army Brigade have demonstrated parts of the firing training and successfully performed a number of firings. Particularly attractive was the infantry fire team opening fire from "Lazar 3M", the armored combat vehicle from the production range of "Jugoimport-SDPR".

Lazar 3M is an infantry combat vehicle equipped with an unmanned 30 mm turret 32B01. It is intended for deployment against the enemy personnel (having its own ballistic protection, weapons and unarmored/lightly armored equipment), surveillance, area observation, and target identification. When mounted on the armored combat vehicles, the turret becomes the main weapon system.

• Armament:                                                 Аutomatic 30mm Gun 2A42
                                                                      7.62mm Machine-gun 6P7K
• Aiming sights:                                          TV & Thermal Sight with Laser Range Finder (LRF)
• Fire range, km:                                        30mm Gun – up to 4
                                                                    7.62 Machine-gun – up to 1.5
• Fire zone/angle, degree:                          Elevation: -10° до +60°
                                                                    Azymuth: 360°
• Ammunition, rds:                                      30mm Gun - 200 (HE), 100 (AP-T)
                                                                     7.62mm Machine-gun - 1000
• Weight (w/ ammunition), t                       Max. 1.5
• Diameter of the base bearing, mm         1350

The training activities of Serbian DF within the joint military exercise "Maneuvers 2022", that shall last until 6th November, are aimed at improving capabilities of the operational command and planning units, and evaluation of combat readiness to respond to any challenge, risk, and threat to the security of the Republic of Serbia. Also participating in the exercise was part of the reserve forces of Serbian Army, supported by the general support and logistic units who provided safe communications, aerial surveillance and reporting, NBC protection, transportation, food supply, munitions replenishment, medical care, and serviceability of the weapons.