"Fire Shield 2022" demonstrated the ability of the Serbian Army

A joint tactical live-fire exercise "Fire Shield 2022" was performed at the "Pasuljanske livade" range, attended by the Serbian President and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Nebojsa Stefanović, Chief of Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović, high state and military officials of the Republic of Serbia and other distinguished guests, including the top management of J.P. Jugoimport-SDPR.

The state and military leadership could see the level of skill of the Serbian Armed Forces units in performing operations, actions and counteractions with the use of more than 100 pieces of combat equipment, including the weapons and equipment produced by the Serbian defense industry.

Aircraft MiG-29, helicopters Mi-35 and X-145, as well as the air defence missile system "Pantsir S1" were deployed in the exercises. The land forces weapons that were used included T-72MS and M-84, infantry fighting vehicles M-80A, armored reconnaissance vehicles BRDM-2MS, armored combat vehicles Lazar 3 and Milos produced by Jugoimport-SDPR, as well as POLO M-83, „HUMMER" etc.

Artillery fire support of the defense forces began with a group of 122 mm self-propelled howitzers "GVOZDIKA", then 155 mm self-propelled howitzers "NORA B52" from the production program of Jugoimport-SDPR, as well as multiple rocket launchers "PLAMEN S" and "OGANJ".

Combat capabilities of the newly developed weapons from domestic development were also demonstrated - tank M-84AS1, modernized infantry fighting vehicle M-80AB1, artillery missile systems "PASARS", UAV "Sparrow" and vehicles MRAP, BOV OT, modernized self-propelled howitzer 122 mm "Gvozdika", modernized Command-post personnel carrier, digital modular "Oganj", and unmanned platforms "Milos" V1 and B2.

The joint tactical live-fire exercise "Fire Shield 2022" was executed by units of the Army, Air Force and Air Defense, the 72nd Special Operations Brigade and the 63rd Parachute Brigade.

The exercise involving more than a thousand members of the Serbian Armed Forces with about a hundred combat weapons and systems, was conducted in order to enhance the capability of the Serbian Armed Forces commands and units to carry out defensive day and night operations on different types of terrain and in different weather conditions.