Demonstration of New Weaponry at “Nikinci” Proving Ground


Today, a demonstration held at the proving ground of the Technical Test Center in Nikinci has involved the latest weapons and defense equipment which are being introduced into the units of the Serbian Defense Forces, and operated within the ongoing training by the crews and the commanding officers from the units to be equipped with the armaments.


Today’s activities included testing of the part of the armaments the introduction of which into the SAF is in the final stage.


This refers to the new assets to be provided to special, infantry, armored, artillery units and Air Force & Air Defense units, in particular the latest series of 4x4 armored combat vehicle Milos from the product range of Jugoimport-SDPR, armored transporters BOV OT, modernized infantry combat vehicles BVP M-80AB1, self-propelled artillery-rocket AD systems PASSARS, logistic vehicles for the self-propelled gun-howitzer 155 mm NORA, assault rifle M20, revolver grenade launcher 40/6, pistol E3-9, various types of newly produced infantry and artillery ammunition and other equipment.

Ministry of Defense

The local companies constituting our defense industry have intensified development and production of modern weapons and defense equipment so as to implement the plans for equipping Serbian Armed Forces in accordance with the directive of the President of the Republic and the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, from 2022.

The introduction of new complex combat systems, small arms, electric and optical devices, and other equipment developed by Military Technical Institute and the companies of the Serbian Defense Industry, will significantly improve the capabilities and overall combat readiness of the Serbian Armed Forces.