Contracts Signed for Procurement and Modernization of Complex Combat Platforms Valued at Approximately 13.5 Billion Dinars

Ministry of Defense

The final day of the 11th International Defence Exibition "PARTNER 2023" held at the Belgrade Fair, saw the signing of contracts between the Ministry of Defense and Jugoimport-SDPR for the procurement and modernization of 92 complex combat platforms for the needs of the Serbian Armed Forces, with the total value of approximately 13.5 billion dinars. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Miloš Vučević, attended the contract signing ceremony.

The contracts were signed by Tijana Konić and Andrijana Subotić on behalf of Jugoimport-SDPR, and the head of the Defence Ministry’s Defense Technologies Department of the Material Resources Sector, Brigadier General Slavko Rakić.

Ministry of Defense

Andrijana Subotić from Jugoimport-SDPR also signed three contracts with Colonel Dragan Panić from the Procurement and Sales Department of the Material Resources Sector.

In addition to the main contractor, more than 20 subcontractors will be involved in the production, partly from the Defense Industry of Serbia, as well as subcontractors who have the capacity to meet the modern requirements in terms of quality and delivery deadlines.

The domestic defense industry is growing and developing and at the same time it is a strong and reliable partner of the Serbian Armed Forces and the national economy as a whole.