A contract for the procurement of new “Lazar 3” vehicles for the Serbian Army signed with the Ministry of Defence

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Dr Nebojsa Stefanovic attended today the signing of the contract between the Ministry of Defence and Jugoimport-SDPR JP for the procurement of multi-purpose 8x8 armoured combat vehicles "Lazar 3".

The signing of the contract was also attended by the Director of Jugoimport-SDPR JP Jugoslav Petkovic and Assistant Minister for Material Resources Dr Nenad Miloradovic and his associates.

The contract on the purchase of "Lazar" vehicles was officially signed by Colonel Aleksandar Cakic from the Procurement and Sales Department of the Sector for Material Resources of the Ministry of Defence and Assistant Director at Jugoimport-SDPR JP Aleksandar Lijaković.

Minister Stefanovic pointed out that the process of equipping the Army with the systems of the new generation of domestic production continued and that the contract was worth 3.7 billion dinars.

On that occasion, Minister Stefanovic, together with the Director of Jugoimport-SDPR JP Jugoslav Petkovic, visited the production facilities of "Combat Complex Systems - BSS" in Velika Plana where "Lazar", "Nora" and "Milos" were produced. Key segments in the production process, work results and plans for further production were presented during the visit.

According to the Minister of Defence, the new "Milos" vehicle will be in the units of the Serbian Army in a few weeks.

The Director of Jugoimport-SDPR JP Jugoslav Petkovic mentioned that it was a continuation of the work that had been performed in previous years, as well as that serial production had advanced far.

On that occasion, he also pointed out that during the tour of the facilities they had the opportunity to see a part of "Nora" systems that would soon be in the units of the Serbian Army, the combat vehicles "Milos", whose first lot had already been delivered, as well as the system "Nora" that was prepared for testing in the United States.

Jugoimport-SDPR JP is one of a very small number of companies, i.e. the manufacturers of artillery systems of this type, which was shortlisted and invited for testing.