Army Recognition: Yugoimport develops Raven 145 loitering area denial weapon system

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The system is intended to be used for real-time surveillance and to strike targets that are beyond the forward edge of the combat zone. It can be used against tanks, armored vehicles, command posts, artillery positions, as well as moving or stationary targets such as patrol boats and drones.

The Raven 145 loitering munition has a specified range of 150 km and a maximum speed of 150 km/h. The maximum flight height is 2000 meters. The drone has a loaded weight of 50 kg and an empty weight of 35 kg, with a payload of 15 kg.

The drone is launched using a solid rocket engine and is powered in flight by a two-cylinder flat engine running on gasoline. The dimensions of the drone are 2.2 meters in length and 2.4 meters in wingspan, with a height of 0.4 meters when the booster is attached.

The Raven 145 system can also be operated from a variety of platforms.

The drone control station is integrated into a 4x4 truck chassis and includes two air-conditioned guidance consoles. This configuration includes an antenna with an operational range of 200 km, and there is an alternative portable control option with a 50 km range antenna. The launcher is attached to a 4x4 truck capable of transporting 3.5 tones and accommodating up to 18 launch containers. A hydraulic mechanism facilitates the 45-degree launch angle using a lifting platform.

For deployment of the drone, the containers are mounted on a truck chassis. These containers can vary in number from 10 to 27 depending on the type of chassis. The drone's wings are initially folded inside the container and automatically extend once it is out, allowing flight. The entire launch process takes about a minute and the drone can be moved into a combat-ready state, fully armed and refueled.