On the latest false news reports intended to continue the smear campaign against Jugoimport-SDPR J.P., a public company, but also against the entire defense industry of the Republic of Serbia, we were forced to react to the tendentious campaign of some media.

Belgian company New  Lachausséе, including the Manurhin and Frity Werner companies (currently owned by New Lachausséе), have a reputation as one of the most reliable manufacturers of the superior quality equipment for production of small ammunition in Europe.

Business relationship between Jugoimport-SDPR and New Lachausséе is based on a long-term cooperation, which involves long-term deliveries of the equipment, as well as the transfer of technologies (know-how) intended to establish production of small arms ammunition, calibers 9.19 mm, 7.62 mm, 5.56 mm, 12.7 mm, and primers.

The contracts with  New Lachausséе have been concluded in accordance with all regulations, procedures, and standard business practices, which implies the submission of offers, contract negotiations, and conclusion of contracts. An offer is structured by the seller (which is, in this case, New Lachausséе), which means that Jugoimport-SDPR has no influence on the structure of an offer when it comes to the percentage of the know-how value in relation to the value of the equipment, installation, and other accompanying services.

Due to the increase in demand on the market for small arms ammunition, the contracting parties have come to an agreement to shorten the agreed delivery times for the specific production machines, which entailed additional payments, as well as shortening the delivery times for 16 months.

Jugoimport-SDPR and its affiliates have never engaged any agent, consultant, or third party to be included in the business relationship with New Lachausséе.

Belom  d.o.o. (Ltd.), one of the affiliates, has operated with a profit in the years of 2021 and 2022, which is more than evident from the annual balance sheet with the status recorded on 31 December 2022, which was published on the web site of Serbian Business Registers Agency.

It should be noted that, by procuring the equipment for the production of small arms ammunition from New Lachausséе, Belom has become a member of AFEMS (Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition), which contributed to the increasing demand for the Belom’s products.

The allegations about the New Lachausséе’s equipment and final products being exported by Jugoimport-SDPR to the Russian Federation are blunt lies and random speculations. All the fake news has been denied by the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia, later confirmed by the official delegation of the Wallonia Region Government, and stated in their report.