Fast multi-role boats

In the field of navy, YugoimportSDPR can currently offer development and production of smaller vessels. The most prominent among them is the fast multi-purpose boat for the support of special operations, primarily on rivers and lakes, but also in the coastal areas as well. The boat is equipped with 20 mm gun, 30 mm automatic grenade launcher and 12.7 mm machine gun. It features removable ballistic protection, high speed and the possibility to transport people. Furthermore, we have in development a modern multi-purpose boat 22 meters long, designed for a wide-range of combat missions on and around rivers, including mine laying, mine sweeping, transportation of special units, divers and soldiers, provision of fire support to (special) units on the coast. Also, there is a possibility to develop and produce multi-purpose patrol and combat boats, including gunboats, with the length of up to 50 meters at our river shipyards.