Aleksandar Peric

Name:  Aleksandar Peric

Citizenship: Republic of Serbia



  • 1984- Graduated at University of Belgrade – Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Department of Chemical Engineering – Environmental Protection Group
  • 1989 / 1994- Master Degree / PhD Degree at the same faculty/department

Specialization Courses

  • 1983 - ’Titan’ Cement Company, Thesaloniki, Greece (Procedures in  detection and purification of industrial polutants);
  • 1989 - IAEA Technical Course, KfK, Germany (Management of waste materials and uses of radioisotopes in medicine and industry);
  • 1990 to 1991- IAEA Fellowship, CEN Saclay, France (Nuclear waste immobilisation techniques and lysimetric examination of radionuclide migration);
  • 1991- British Council Fellowship, Imperial College, London, England (Detection methods and purification of alpha emmiters from aqueous solution);
  • 2004- ’SGS’ Geneva, Switzerland (Lead Auditor Training Course; Certified Auditor on QMS ISO 9001:2000).

Work Experience

  • 1986 to 2004 - Nuclear Research Institute ’Vinca’, Belgrade, Department of Radiation and Environmental Protection
  • 2004 - ’SGS’ Belgrade, SSC, QMS Consultant and Assessor;
  • 2004 to 2005 - ’Lex&Lobby’ Belgrade, Deputy Director, Consultant;
  • Since 2005- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Adviser to the President of the Chamber