Testing of Self-Propelled Howitzer “Nora-B52 M21“ in the USA

Just a few months ago it was announced that, at the invitation of the US Government, the latest version of the 155 mm self-propelled artillery weapon of Jugoimport-SDPR will be sent to the USA for a shoot-off evaluation at the YUMA Proving Grounds in Arizona by the U.S. armed forces. This is being carried out at this moment.

"Nora B-52" which has been modified according to the requirements of the US partner, made it to the shortlist and is successfully passing comprehensive testing in the United States that will lasts for several months.

The 155 mm Self-propelled gun howitzer is intended for fire support of own units. It provides fire support with intensive, sudden and rapid fire on targets of tactical, operational and strategic importance at long distances.