Demonstration of Capabilities, Weapons and Military Equipment of the Serbian Army Units

The President of Serbia and Commander-in-Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vucic, Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Representative for Humanitarian Affairs, Youth Affairs and National Security Adviser of His Majesty the King of Bahrain, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Nebojsa Stefanovic, PhD, Chief of Staff of the Serbian Army General Milan Mojsilovic and the management of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. attended today at the airport "Colonel-pilot Milenko Pavlovic" in Batajnica a demonstration of the capabilities, weapons and military equipment of the Serbian Army units.

The presentation began with a dynamic part demonstrating the capabilities of the Serbian Army units armed and equipped with the state-of-the-art weapons and equipment of our defense industry, with the participation of about 400 members of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army, more than 20 combat vehicles and combat systems and 12 aircraft of the Air Force.

President Vucic and Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa had the opportunity to see the high level of training of the Serbian Army units, which was presented in six sequences - reconnaissance of the enemy troop deployment, occupation of the firing position, air fire support provided by special units, combat search and rescue, closing up of a wide area and the destruction of a terrorist group by special units.

After the dynamic part of demonstration, the tactical-technical assembly presented a part of the Serbian defense industry weapon systems, the weapons and military equipment recently introduced into the Serbian Army, as well as the systems from the development and production program of Jugoimport-SDPR: the self-propelled howitzer NORA B/52 M21 (a version developed for the purposes of the US tender), which was presented for the first time, modular multi-tube launcher "TAMNAVA" with the integrated launch modules with 122 mm and 262 mm missiles, self-propelled launch system "SUMADIJA" with a range of 300 km, 105 mm self-propelled howitzer on the truck chassis, 105 mm modernized towed howitzer M56/33, 20 mm naval gun with FCS, mortars with the extended range of 60 mm and 120 mm, 4x4 combat armored vehicle "Milos" equipped with Gatling machine gun, 4x4 combat armored vehicle "Milos" equipped with 12.7mm RCWS and a double launcher of guided missiles "NOVA", multi-purpose 8x8 armored combat vehicle "Lazar" with a 30 mm turret, self-propelled weapon "NORA", combat drone "GAVRAN", helicopter model "STRSLJEN" and trainer and fighter airplane "Lasta" with a full range of weapons, weapons for airplanes and helicopters, etc.