International Defence Exhibition „EDEX 2023“, Cairo, Egypt


The Egypt Defense Exhibition “EDEX 2023” took place in Cairo, 1-4 December 2023.

As one of the leading defense events in Africa, this year’s exhibition has introduced over 400 companies from all around the world which presented the latest defense technologies, equipment and weapons, and our national pavilion has been given significant attention.

The exhibition stand of Yugoimport was at a very prominent location (no. H3 – C50). Acting as the integrator of Serbian defense industry, we have taken the opportunity to present weapons and facilities from both our own production and development sectors, but also from other companies within the Serbian defense industry.

The range of products offered by Yugoimport was presented by use of the armament exhibits and the mockups of complex combat systems, multimedia presentations, posters and promotional videos.

Special attention in presenting the exhibits was given to the multi-purpose armored vehicles Lazar, Lazar 3M, Lazanski, Miloš, Miloš 2, self-propelled howitzer 155 mm Nora B52 M21 and Nora NG, multi-tube modular self-propelled 122/262 mm rocket launcher Tamnava, Lasta aircraft and gyro-copters. Presented munitions included rockets Grad, Nova, and Munja, mortar ammunition cal. 60-120 mm, medium caliber ammunition 20-57 mm, fuzes, artillery ammunition cal. 105-155 mm, artillery rockets cal. 107 mm and 122 mm, protective equipment, sniper rifles cal. 7,62 mm and 12,7 mm, single-shot and six-shot (revolver) grenade launchers, automatic rifles 5,56 mm and 7,62 mm, modular rifle, light AT missile & launching system POS 145, man-portable AD system RBR 120, Maljutka missile, etc.

The exhibit stand of Yugoimport-SDPR was visited by numerous commercial visitors, as well as by a number of official foreign delegations, among others the delegations of Egypt, Central African Republic, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Algeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe etc.

This year’s exhibition has been seen by 35,000 visitors from across the globe.