Додатне слике

Додатне слике

YERINA-1 (Y-1)

„Yerina - 1" is designed for destruction of enemy area targets and large point targets such as: military bases, airports, ports and port facilities, important transport nodes and crossroads, factories and other significant immovable objects on land at distances of up to 285 km.


  • Maximum range (at sea level) Up to 285 km
  • Minimum range (at sea level) More than 70 km
  • Operating temperature range -30°C/+50°C
  • System accuracy ~ 2.5‰
  • System reliability 0.95


  • Type of warhead HE/fragmentation
  • Warhead weight 200 kg

Rocket motor

  • Type of propellant Solid composite
  • Overall missile length 8250 mm
  • Missile caliber 400 mm
  • Span of foldable fins with grooves 854 mm
  • Span of control surfaces (canards): 720 mm
  • Length of container-type launcher 8600 mm
  • Missile weight at launch ~ 1500 kg
  • Rocket motor propellant weight ~ 890 kg

Missile Description

The basic sub-systems (modules) of the missile include the warhead, the control section with the inertial navigation system (INS) and guidance section, the rocket motor and the rotating fin section.

The Warhead
The warhead is a high-explosive fragmentation type with a total weight of 200 kg furnished with a contact and proximity fuse.

Warhead characteristics:

  • Warhead
  • Type of warhead HE/fragmentation
  • Warhead weight 200 kg
  • Type of explosive composite HMX Al
  • Exsplosive weight 41 kg
  • Missile time to launch ≤12min
  • Warhead length 950 mm
  • Warhead diameter 300 mm
  • Fuse
  • Type of fuse Proximity / conatct