Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Systems for acoustic source localization - HEMERA

Systems for acoustic source localization - HEMERA is used for the localization of various acoustic sources in a battlefield such as mortars and rockets. Systems use six networked sensors placed at known positions and networked.


  • Detection, localization (estimation of coordinates) artillery, mortars and rocket weapons;
  • Localization (estimation of coordinates) signals generated by the explosion of artillery, mortars and rocket projectiles;
  • Evaluation of 3D coordinates of points of interest based on the acoustic signal generated by an explosion on those points;
  • Battlefild acoustic sensing and acoustig image of battrefiled.


  • Maximum range of detections acoustic sours is 30 km;
  • Accuracy of location estimation is CEP 1.5 % D on the distance to 15 km;
  • Method: TDOA based method for locating;
  • Possibility to work on the ground intersected in all weather conditions;
  • Possibility to work in terms of electronic warfare (jamming communication link and GPS).