Додатне слике

Додатне слике

“Shock” hand grenade

“Shock” grenade designed for use by police forces.

RB-P98 “Shock” grenade is used in police special operations and tactical break-ins. Activation of the fuse causes two sound effects in the time period of 0.7 sec. followed by light effect. By adding increment charge, another (third) sound effect is obtained, followed by light effect. There is no fragmentation effect, thus the grenade can be used indoors. The outher body is of black colour, it doesent reflect light and is suitable for all types of tactical operations.

Main caracteristics:

  • Fuse decay time:    1,5 s
  • Time interval between the sound effects:    0,7 s
  • Sound effect intesity:    130db on 15 m
  • Mass of the initials charge:    0,454 kg
  • Mass of the increment charge:    0,150 kg
  • Temperature range:    - 30oC  to + 55oC
  • Shelf life: 5 years.