Додатне слике

Додатне слике

RALAS - Rocketed Advanced Light Attack System

Light Offensive Rocket and Non Line of sight system

RALAS missile system is graded as a tactical system for backup of infantry action whose primary device is modern guided projectile with its own propulsion. RALAS system is designed for battlefield isolation and anti-armor combat at distances up to 9km.

Missile of RALAS system is consisted of following functional units – sub-systems:

  • Homing system with gyro stabilized TV camera,
  • Control subsystem,
  • Payload (HEAT warhead capable to penetrate up to 1000 mm armored steel plate),
  • Propulsion group consist of solid propellant rocket engines, sustainer and booster,
  • Communication subsystem based on real time fiber optic communication (Communication subsystem contains coil holder – spool with 9 km of winded optic cable, electronic set of video emitter of laser signal with digital signal transceiver).

 Missile data

  • Body diameter 175 mm
  • Wing span 1500 mm
  • Operational altitude 50~5000 m
  • Equivalent flight speed >600 km/h
  • Flight altitude 500 m
  • Endurance 40 sec
  • Limit of overload 4 g
  • Max. weight in flight 57 kg
  • Propulsion type
    -          Solid propellant booster (Total impulse 12375 Ns max. thrust)
    -          Solid sustainer (Total impulse 12789 Ns)