Додатне слике

Додатне слике

NORA B-52K1 155mm/52cal Self Propelled Gun Howitzer

Main mission:

  • Neutralisation of enemy towed or SP artillery weapons, MLRSs  and  mortars 
  • Neutralisation of AD missile and gun systems and forward deployed AD radars
  • Neutralisation of supply bases and lines; logistic areas and concentration of  transport vehicles;
  • Neutralisation of enemy’s sheltered or unsheltered manpower;
  • Neutralisation of concentration of enemy armoured combat vehicles
  • Demolition of field fortifications (strongholds), points of resistance;
  • Neutralisation of communication centres and command posts,

Combat load consists of:

  • Advanced 155 mm HE ERFB-BB projectile used with combustible, MC Zone 10 combustible charge • mono-block powder
  • Advanced 155 mm HE ERFB-BT projectile which can be used with MC mono-block powder charge, • Zone 10 as well with MC - Zone 9 and Zone 8
  • All standard 155 mm М107 projectile with MC Zone 8 and М4А2 - Zones 3 to 7 with bag powder • charges (only with manual loading of the charges)
  • Guided projectile by a laser beam at the terminal phase of projectile flight - (Optional)

The NORA-B52 K1 truck-mounted artillery system is upgraded version of basic weapon NORA-B52 KE featuring:

  • More advanced FCS with hardware and software improvements providing batter battlefield navigation, gun barrel laying in traverse and elevation and fully automatic  firing data calculation;
  • Redesigned and reinforced cabin meets requests for armouring and provision basics for ballistic protection
  • More advanced truck chassis, providing better mobility both on road and off road
  • Main armament 155 mm barrel length of 52 calibres, fitted with semi automatic breech block and an advanced solution of powder chamber self-opturating system. Gun-ammunition system is fully compatible with 155mm NATO Agreement requirements.


The main armament is fitted on the vehicle platform, enabling it to have two fields of action:

  • Main field of action - firing sector, directed opposite  to the vehicle cabin;
  • Emergency field of action - firing sector directed above the vehicle cabin.
  • During transport/travelling of the weapon, its armament is turned forward, above the vehicle cabin, with the barrel being fixed by barrel holder.
  • Automatic loader consists of two cassettes containing 12 projectiles and 12 propellant charges, projectile and charge feeder and chain rammer controlled by PLC thus increasing firing rate and minimizing crew effort. Loader can be refilled from the container on the deck of the vehicle. Container has 8 removable cassettes each containing 6 housings (4 in the middle for storage of projectiles and 2+2 on the left and right side for propellant charges). This makes total combat set 36 rounds.

 M03 SPGH is fully integrated into AFCCS for battlefield observation, target acquisition, data transfer, ballistic computation and fire command instructions transfer.