Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Munja/Lightning heavy APC/engineer vehicle

Munja armoured fighting vehicle family has been created by conversion of T-55 MBTs, for combat engineer, demining, armored troop transport, fire support, as well as for use in peace-keeping and anti-terrorist/anti-guerrilla operations. The main conversion activity includes removing the T-55 turret with 100 mm gun and ammunition storage components and enlarging internal space by retrofitting newly designed hull’s roof  and side walls, enabling accommodation of infantry squad, consisting of squad commander and five to seven soldiers (depending of vehicle purpose/personnel equipment), as well as additional equipment, intended for various combat engineer and other purposes. The vehicle permanent crew consists of driver and gunner (fire support weapon operator).

Infantry squad can rapidly dismount from vehicle by using two longitudinally directed roof mounted hull ports, placed behind commander and gunner openings.

Current version of fire support weapon system consists of 30 mm automatic grenade launcher and 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun mounted independently on the gunner’s station.

Vehicle features high mobility, provided by original 580 HP power pack, or alternatively upon customer’s request by newly designed MPP-780 modular powerpack. Armor protection provides high degree of crew protection, particularly in close combat conditions during antiterrorist/ anti-guerrilla operations, providing all-round protection against small arms fire, RPG’s and medium-caliber weapons.

The armour protection system design efforts include integration of add-on armour of slat (cage) type, which decreases the effectiveness of anti-armor weapons by premature activation of fuzes. Integration of ERA and various add-on armor systems, based on steel and/or ceramic composite armor is also available, depending of particular planned purpose/customer request.

 Munja combat engineer support vehicle version enables various engineer works by action of forward mounted dozer blade with ground leveling erecting probe, as well as by combat engineer team using of rear-mounted metal boxes containing sets of special engineer tools and accessories.

Munja combat vehicle can be fitted with remotely controlled weapon stations and overhaead weapon stations hosting various types of weapon systems, such as:
  • 7.62 mm PKT – based general purpose machine gun
  • 12.7 mm M87 (NSV based) heavy machine gun,
  • 30 mm automatic grenade launcher
  • 20 mm M55 automatic cannon
  • 30 mm M86 automatic cannon
  • Malyutka anti-armour missiles or upgraded Konkurs anti-armour missiles