Додатне слике

Додатне слике


   Maljutka 2 missile system integrated with multi-role helicopter Mi-17 is intended for engage point targets, mobile and stationary, particularly for engage of tanks’ and other  combat vehicles, as well as light fast moving vehicles,  bunkers, buildings and variety of fortified objects in urban and rural environment. 


The Maljutka 2 missile family main characteristics:


  • Ranges:
  • Max. nominal range                                                    3000 m
  • Max. range, launching from the helicopter flying
  • Directly to the target with speed of 150 km/h               3300 m
  • Min. lunching distance from the helicopter flying
  • Directly to the target with speed of 150 km/h               1000 m
  •  Min. launching distance
  • (Launching from the ground surface or from hovering positions)           500 m
  •  System Reliability                                                      More than 95 %
  • Target hit probability at max. Distance                                     More than 80 %
  • Missile combat set, ready for launching                                   4 x 2


Possible firing modes

-        from ground surface

-        from the hovering

-        from the helicopter flying directly to the target with speed of up to 150 km/h

-        from the escaping maneuver after launching with angular speed up to 3 deg. /sec

Note:  System is enabling limited possibility of engaging of enemy helicopters

           System is enabling of emergency launcher ejection   


Mi-17 helicopter Maljutka missile system configuration includes:

  •  Missile launchers,  2  x 2 (each containing 2 missile launching rails)
  •  Launcher carriers, 2  x 1 (at each helicopter side)
  •  Servo system for launcher elevation, 2 x1  (at each helicopter side)
  • Servo system electronic box
  •  Power supply box
  •  Sighting system with control unit
  •  Automatic line of sight direction corrector
  • Firing control panel
  • Missile guidance joystick
  • Guidance system electronic box
  •  Launching electronic box


System maintenance equipment, Ist level -  for helicopter missile installations
  •  Rectification panel
  •  Device for missile de-locking force  checking
  •  Rectification collimator
  •  Launching rails angle measuring device
  • Missile guidance and launching  quality checking device LV-16
  •  Battery charger 


Maljutka 2 missile checking devices
  • Missile control checking device LV-18 
  •  Missile igniter checking device UP1M