Додатне слике

Додатне слике

M09 manually-controled 12.7 mm hmg with integrated fcs on naval mount

The M09  naval mount of manually-controlled 12.7 x 108 mm HMG is consisting of cradle-mounted 12. 7 x 108 mm M87 HMG and cradle-mounted  FCS mounted on ship desk  by rotaiting upercarriage with operator seat. The weapon is intended for mounting on light patrol boats and varius bigger vessels, enabling effective, accurate  and rapid engagement of various surface and air threats, including fast-moving boats,,    UAVs, helicopters, etc ut to ranges of 2000 m. Weapon is featuring with high firepower, high ammunition magazine capacity and rapid reoading procedure.  Mount design is also including operator ballistic shield and high field of action. 


The main techical data:         

-     Weapon:                                             M-87 12 .7 x 108 mm HMG

-     Weapon weight:                                      25 kg

-    Cradle weight:                                         8 kg 

-    Mount weight:                                        18 kg

-    Cradle-mouned integrade FCS weight:   6 kg 

-   Ballistic shield weight                             8 kg

-   Total weight:                                         65 kg 

-    Ammunition capacity                            300rds


Integrated, cradle - monted FCS is consisting of:


-    Daylight  Sight with integrated laser rangefinder

-     Passive night sight, II gen.

-    Display

-     Reflex sight

-     Rectification scope 

-     CCD TV cameras, 2 pcs.

-   Power supply