Додатне слике

Додатне слике

M09 Land warrior modular combat jacket

The M09 Land Warrior modular combat jacket is repesenting a two basic combinations of ballistic protection and tactical jacket.

M09 Ballistic jacket (providing for full protection level IIIA at wide area of body,  with posibility of inserting of ballistic lates, increasing protection level up tu IV) with M09 tactical jacket

M09 “Stand alone” forward & backward ballistic plate carrier (providing for rifle bullet protection up to level IV)  with M09 tactical jacket

These two basic combat jacket configuration can be used depending of tactical situation.

Combat jacket Configuration with M09 stand alone ballistic plates carrier is recommended for members of special forces or assault teams faced with particularly rifle fire treat, providing for better mobility than ballistic jacket, but with lack of wide body surface fragmentation protection.

Combat jacket configuration with M09 ballistic jacket is providing for protection agains fragments and pistol rounds in accorance with IIIA standard, as well as protection level III, III+ or IV with ballistic plates, bu with lack of mobility. This configuration is recommended particularly for anti-terrorist forces engaged in patrol duties in sensitive areas of terrorist activity, as well as for standard dismounted infantry.