Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Lightweight ballistic jacket(LEVEL IIIA)

Lightweight ballistic jacket is comprised of forward and aft part, which are connected by use of adjustable belt. Forward and aft part provide protection level IIIA for breast, abdomen and back area-is owing to composite made ballistic inserts. Forward Insert dimension are 330x390 mm and aft insert dimension are 330 x 410 mm.  Jacket has ability to insert ballistic plates, which will provide increased protection for most sensitive breast, abdomen and back area, with protection level III or IV, with standard dimensions of 250 x 300 mm.

The jacket offers high comfort, easily adaptable and provides low overheat loading. This ballistic jacket is available in different colours and camouflage patterns, based upon customer’s request.


Protection level:

  • IIIA (optionally III and IV)
  • NIJ standard: 0101.04 or NIJ 0101.03
  • Sizes: L to 3XL