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Додатне слике

LAZAR II 8x8 MRAV/MRAP Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle

LAZAR II 8x8 MRAV/MRAP Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle 8x8 is designed following modern world trends in development of a wheeled armored vehicles families  intended for carrying out of a number of tactical tasks in different armed conflicts.

The concept and technical solutions of the vehicle are especially adjusted to the requirements of modern infantry units and special units engaged in carrying out of the tasks of assimetric warfare, antiterrorist and peace keeping actions, as well as wide range of medium level armed conflicts. Special accent is made on vehicle actions in urban conditions, inhabited areas and higly intersected terrain, against enemy extensively using ambushes, anti-tank (AT) mines, improvised explosives devices (IED), etc. LAZAR II is also enabling effective engagement of bunkers, armored fighting vehicles, as well as MBTs.

The vehicle concept is merging of most important features of MRAV (Multi Role Armored Vehicle), and MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle) armored vehicle concepts, featuring with very high all-terrain/all climate conditions mobility, high fire power, high all-round ballistic protection, high AT mines/IED protection as well as possibility of battlefield observation and target engagement by embarked crew personal weapons. Vehicle concept provides these unique combination of basic characteristics of the two classes of modern wheeled armored vehicles exceptionally important in the world today.

The hull is designed to provide comfortable space to 2+10 crew with personal equipment and weapons. The space is designed in accordance with MIL-STD 1472

The armored vehicle with the installed power pack and independent suspension system provides excellent driving features on and off roads.

Two doors in the rear combined with rear ramp enable as well as well-designed crew layout, allow rapid embarkation / disembarkation of the dismounting infantry team crew. This unique feature is enabling variations of disembarking procedure in dependence with tactical situation. During embarkation, side doors can be side-opened, protecting the disembarking team from enemy small arms fire.

Oscillating, foldable seats in combination with improved independent suspension absorb all shocks and vibrations, thus increasing crew comfortability even in the harshest off-road conditions. Installation of spring YUGOIMPORT‐ SDPR LAZAR II 8x8 MRAV/MRAP Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle 4 equipped roof-hanged seats for crew and embarked squad is increasing of crew survivability in case of AT mine /IED impact.

The embarked infantry squad compartment is designed so as to provide for the soldiers to be oriented toward large windows made of ballistic glass, and towards gun holes, thus enabling them excellent visibility and survey of the surrounding environment and their combat engagement by using of their personal armament.

Central tire pressure regulation system is installed in the vehicle, and run-flat inserts may be installed into the tires which provide for driving of the vehicle even with damaged tires.

The design of armored body provides for fast installation and replacement of additional armor, and the installation of the same does not degrade basic functions of the vehicle.



  • The original design concept of the vehicle is a solution that meets all combat requirements, both in urban and rural environments, which is achieved with good mobility, fire power, ballistic and anti-mine protection.
  • The modular concept of the vehicle provides the possibility of integration of a wide spectrum of armament system solutions.
  • All the crew have superb possibility of observing the surroundings through armored windows with the same level of ballistic protection as the main armor. This way, rapid and efficient deployment of the weapons from the RCWS ) is possible, as well as the use of and personal weapons through dedicated 12 fire ports (5 ports on both sides, and 2 on the rear door).
  • The hull is designed so as to allow fast and easy fitting and replacement of add-on armor elements, as well as some of the advanced active protection systems.
  • All the main assemblies: power pack components, steering components, power pack, electric system components, hydraulic-pneumatic system components, armament - can be replaced in the field in a very short time.
  • All the vehicle systems can operate in the temperature interval of -300C to +600C.
  • Large crew space (ca. 16,5 m³) and oscillating seats provide for increased comfortability during long rides.


  • Main protection of the hull STANAG 4569, level 2.
  • Main anti-mine protection STANAG 4569, level 2a and 2b.
  • Add-on ballistic protection STANAG 4569, level 4
  • Additional anti-mine protection STANAG 4569, level 3a and 3 b.
  • NBC protection: advanced Life Support System (LSS)
  • Fire-proof STANAG 4317


  • Weight: 28t max
  • Lenght: 7820mm
  • Width: 2850mm
  • Height: 2320mm (without RCWS)
  • Wheel base: 2430mm


The vehicle is driven by a four-stroke diesel engine with six V-laid cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder and a turbocharger, Cummins ISM500 (500hp) with hydraulic servo-wheel and adjustable steering wheel.



  • Automatic cannon 30 mm M86 with double-feed mechanism
  • Coaxial machinegun 7.62 mm M86
  • Smoke pot launchers with 4-6 tubes
  • ATGW

Characteristics of the electric drive:

  • In azimuth nh3600, max. speed 550 per second
  • In elevation -100 to 600, max. speed 300 per second
  • Accuracy of laying - less than 0.5 mils


Sensor head coupled with armament:

  • wide-angle CCD camera
  • day sight subsystem with 12x magnification
  • thermal imager
  • eye-safe laser range-finder



30 mm cannon has been designed for engagement of ground targets

(manpower and lightly armoured targets) and aerial targets

(helicopters and low flying aircraft).

Technical Characteristics of 30 mm М86 Automatic Gun:

  • Caliber 30 mm
  • Operation Gas operated
  • Fire mode Single shot and bursts
  • Rate of fire 550 to 650 rds/min
  • Gun length 2995 mm
  • Gun weight 198 kg
  • Field of action in elevation -7º to 65º



 Weapon control, sighting and firing via control handle

and computer with fire control system software

Sighting devices:

  • Day channel: Telescopic sight with CCD TV camera
  • High resolution CCD TV camera
  • Night channel Thermal imaging camera
  • Laser channel Eyesafe laser rangefinder
  • Computer unit Ruggedized tablet PC
  • Control unit
  • Power supply unit


System provides for SACLOS guidance for the upgraded antitank missile

MALYUTKA (-2T and -2F). The guidance system consists of:

  • Optoelectronic unit,
  • Guidance electronics,
  • Launcher interface,
  • Еlevation tracking servo system,
  • Power supply.