Додатне слике

Додатне слике

THE HAWK 5 Five Seat - Runway Independent

Introducing the Hawk 5 Gyroplane. Runway independent operations in 5 seat comfort with class leading payload. The Hawk 5 combines the safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of fixed wing aircraft with the runway independence of a helicopter.

Runway independent operations. Utilizing an engine driven pre-rotation system while the aircraft is on the ground, the Hawk 5 is capable of jump take-offs, allowing take-off from almost anywhere.

Unsurpassed Safety. With a rotor that is always in autorotation, in the unlikely event of a complete engine failure, the Hawk 5’s autorotating rotor continues to rotate, keeping the pilot in complete control to safely land.

Economical Workhorse. With no powered rotor in flight and no antitorque equipment, the Hawk 5 also has none of the periodic maintenance or lost business days associated with these systems, leaving the owner with lower costs and higher reliability. Coupled with the flying simplicity of fixed wing aircraft, the Hawk 5 can be the workhorse you have been looking for.



Rolls Royce 250-B17 Turboprop


450 SHP

Maximum Gross Weight

3,800 lb (1,720 kg)

Approximate Empty Weight (including oil & std avionics) 

1,975 lb (895 kg)

Fuel Capacity

670 lb (300 kg)

Pilot, Passengers, and Baggage (with maximum fuel)

1,825 lb (825 kg)

Cruise Speed at Maximum Gross Weight up to

120 kts (222 km/h)

Maximum Range (no reserve) approx

315 nm (580 km)

Rate of Climb over

1,500 fpm

Maximum Operating Altitude

16,000 ftw


• Air Conditioning

• Auxiliary Fuel Tank

• Heated Seats

• Aspen Avionics’ Primary Flight Display (PFD) system

• Aspen Avionics’ Multifunction Display (MFD) system

• Garmin GTN 750 Series GPS/Nav/Comms MFD

• Bose A20 Headsets with Bluetooth


• Instrument and Connector Panels

• GTR 225B COM radio

• Garmin GMA 350c Digital Audio Panel

• Garmin GTX 335 transponder with ADS-B Out


• Airspeed indicator

• Altimeter

• Rotor Tachometer

• Engine Tachometer

• Vertical speed indicator

• Magnetic compass

• Torque meter

• Engine Oil Temperature and Pressure Gauges

• Clutch Oil Temperature and Pressure Gauges

• Fuel Flow Gauge

• Fuel Quantity and Pressure Gauge

• Voltage Load Meter

• Hour meter

• Quartz clock

• Turn and Slip Indicator

• Heading Indicator


• Pre-rotation Hydraulic Clutch

• Hydraulic Rotor Brake

• Hydraulic Wheel Brakes

• Bladder fuel tank

• Engine Induction Filter

• Air Induction System

• Fuel Filter/Strainer

• Fuel Tank Ventilation System

• Engine Starter Generator

• Electronic engine monitoring unit (EMU)

• Engine anti-ice system

• Cabin heater and defogger

• Rotor brake

• Intercommunications System (ICS)

• Avionics master switch

• Tinted windows

• Leather seats

• 3-point shoulder harnesses

• Pilot-side adjustable pedals

• Door locks

• LED anti-collision and navigation lights

• Dual HID landing lights

• LED panel and map lights

• Tow cart adapter

• Rotor blade tie-downs

• Windshield cover

• Taxi Lights

• Strobe Lights