Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Gun rectification System

Gun control equipment on the weapons posts, given on the (one set per each gun), consisting of:

  •    Gun display unit;
  •    Communication interface;
  •    Cables;
  •    GPS;
  •    Power supplied by the vehicle.

 GRS  is used for orientation of guns to Main Direction. Main part of Sensor unit 2 is Rotary Unit 2 - G-RS being an electronic goniometer. Its main functions are determination of:

- own position (built-in GPS),

- orientation to UTM north with built-in- electronic compass,

- built-in 15 bit encoders for accurate angle measurements,

- gun acquisition (telescope mounted on goniometer),

- topographic measurements and calculations needed for determination of gun orientation.


GRS consisting of:

- Rotary Unit - G-RS,

- RT telescope and picket,

- Tripod,

-Wire Distribution Box,

- Handset MK-1A,

 Selection, connection and classification of the battery of six weapons;

 Organization of the battery fire (beam; concentrated fire; normal fire; individual target; echelonment);

All weapons fire coordination;

Trajectory maneuvering: firing mode (impact, time delay, ricochet);

 Required fire density at the target for the shortest possible time;

Selection of proper action for the defined target:

Type of fire: unit or quick fire, systematic (fire stroke or sustained fire); burst fire;

Firing unit: battery or platoon (group of weapons) with defining the observation post to monitor the action;

Synchronous transmission  of firing  elements from  command  post to the weapons, the data of impact point, the action command in accordance with the time foreseen to commence firing;

The   data   and   voice   transmission   is   enabled   by   radio   sets   and   wire communication. The voice communications could be used for transmission of commands, messages and data in digital form, i.e. by linking all communication and data transmission units as follows:

  • communication of the battery commander with superior command up to 20 km distance;
  • communication of the battery command post with the weapons up to 2 km distance;
  • communication of the observation posts with the battery command centre up to 20 km distance.

The transmission time is less than 2 seconds, regardless the length of message;

All the displays and the keyboards are visible day and night;

All entered or calculated data in the computer units are saved in case of power supply break.