Додатне слике

Додатне слике

FAC-23JET Fast patrol boat

The boat can achieve the trial speed of cca. 42 knots at maximum main engine power (derated for site temperature conditions: air 450C, water 320C) at normal displacement

Boat’s speed can be confirmed by boat tank testing. 

The boat  will  be  operational  up to  sea  state  4, with  maximum  speed at normal displacement cca 27kn. Two water‑jet propulsion systems will provide excellent manoeuvrability characteristics, as well as operation of the boat in shallow waters.

Cruising range will be approx. 600nm at a cruising speed of approx. 15kn and with full fuel tanks

The boat and superstructure are of welded construction. Aluminum plates AlMg4.5Mn quality are used for boat hull  and the superstructure is made of aluminum alloy AlMg4.5Mn. Painting and protection of outside surfaces will be in all done according to the regulations for aluminum alloys and underwater hull parts. Cathodic  protection will be applied on the boat for maximum anticorrosive  protection.




Two (2) marine diesel engines, four (4) stroke, “V” type engines, non-reversible, with air starting, indirect water cooling, are used, with following characteristics:

Boat propulsion is achieved by attaching the water jet pumps to each complex of main engine ‑ reduction gear box. Steering is accomplished by steering nozzles. Astern thrust is achieved by reversing bucket in the steering nozzles. Power transmission from engine (gear box) to jet propulsors is through intermediate shaft. Each engine is with own reduction gear box. Reductors arecoupled to engine by gear type coupling. Main electric power supply are by diesel aggregates with generator set 3x380/220 V, 50 Hz, giving approx. 55kVA under site conditions. Boat are provided with two diesel aggregates, one is for consumers permanent supply and one on stand by. Generator sets cant operate in parallel. Aggregates are in the engine room 1.




  • Two groups of lead (Pb) accumulators are installed on board:
  • general marine ACCU group 24 V, 180 Ah
  • electronic ACCU group 24 V, approx. 135 Ah.
  • Rectifiers
  • Two (2) three‑phase rectifiers are installed on board:
  • 3x380V, 50Hz/24V DC, 30 A for general on board ACCU group and for charging of ACCU group.

Main lightings are 220 V, 50 Hz and it is supplied  from switch boards situated in the superstructure, engine room and accommodation space in the hull. 

Engine room lighting is provided by incandescent lights and fluorescent tubes appropriate for engine room.

Superstructure and accommodation space are with fluorescent lights.

Emergency lightings 24 V DC are  also provided automatically. The lights are arranged on appropriate posts (corridors, stairways, etc.) to enable communication under emergency conditions.

Exhaust gasses from propulsion main engines will be led to the boat side, above water line.

Exhaust gas system for each engine aggregate will be led to the boat side above static water line.

Control desk in wheelhouse will be with propulsion main engines control as well as instruments for monitoring of propulsion main engines  and aggregates at operation and all equipment for communication and navigation.

Fuel oil will be in one Al made structural tank integrated in the boat hull, approx. 9m3 capacity, situated in front of engine room fore bulkhead. Engine fuel oil system will be with double pipes and fuel oil supply and overflow will be in accordance with the engine manufacturer recommendations.

Diesel generator engines will be supplied by fuel from daily tank. Each propulsion main engine will be with own sea water cooling suction chest. Auxiliary engines will be with own sea water cooling suction chest.

All valves, piping, flanges and other fittings will be of Al alloy and stainless steel.