Додатне слике

Додатне слике


This car trailed kitchen of 300 liters is designed for preparation of food in war time, training maneuvers, and camping, for various climate and field conditions.

Beside its military purpose, it is very useful and convenient for cooking in peaceful times in activities of humanitarian organizations after natural catastrophes, for scouting, sporting and cultural and artistic events when it is necessary to organize meals for a very large number of people.

Preparation of meals can be performed on one location /stationary/ or in motion, trailed by truck, train or in helicopter transportation.

As to heating source, it can combust solid material such as fire wood or coal or liquid fuel/diesel and extra light heating oil/. Outside weather working conditions are practically limitless ranging from plus 60 to minus 30 C degrees.

Combustion of fuel in the fire box develops heat which is then transferred to the caldron, oven and the hot plate that makes it possible for food to be prepared by cooking, stewing, frying and roasting.

This kitchen can be connected as an attached vehicle, to any vehicle with a trailing hook in compliance with Yu standards /JUS/, on the level of 550 to 900mm, and with air brakes system with one or double tube and seven-pole plug for electric installation of 12 volts.