Додатне слике

Додатне слике


Bumbar short range anti-armour missile system features SACLOS (semi automatic command to line of sight) guidance method to keep the missile flying directly towards the target while the operator keeps the sight reticule onto desired point of impact.

Bumbar is man portable, short range guided anti-armour weapon system, designed in accordance with following development drive lines:

Terminal effectiveness allowing destruction of modern and prospective main battle tanks of the first decade in 21st century,


Hit probability of more than 90% against moving targets under all weather and climate conditions at ranges up to 600m, range 70 to 1000m,


  • Firing sequence less than 6 seconds,
  • Confined space launching capability,
  • Simple transition into operation both for shoulder or prone firing mode,
  • High protection against the natural and artificial jamming,
  • One man portability which could be satisfied with the total mass, of the weapon less than 21 kg and length less than 1.2 m.


Special design concept of the Bumbar system enabled meeting these stringent requirements:

  • Large clabber, powerful tandem shaped charged warhead, penetrating more than 800 mm RHA behind explosive reactive armour,
  • High manoeuvrability, direct thrust vector control system located at the missile’s center of gravity,
  • Separated ejection and sustained rocket engines, the first enabling soft launching and the second ensuring high thrust and flight velocity with short flight time up to maximum range,
  • CCD localized and guidance computer within the firing post provide excellent anti-jamming protection,
  • Major parts of the weapon made of nonmetal, plastics or light-metal alloys so the weapon retains lightweight structure.