Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Ballistic combat vest Soldier of the future-10 special “PBB VB-10 S”

The concept of ballistic combat vest “PBB VB-10” has resulted in reduced mass, better freedom of soldier movement, reduced body overheating and provision of modular holders (cases) and vest attachments for a range of resources depending on the assigned missions.

Optimization of protective surfaces of the vest: front, rear, side up to spherical shoulder protection area, are particularly important parameters that dictate soldier’s ability to move and to assume natural body postures – in combat situation when taking different positions for firing and taking of cover, when using motor vehicles, conducting different missions in urban environments, during long marches as well as carrying out special tasks.

The vest provides protection level III or IV +, depending on the customer requirements. It is equipped with a special mechanism for quick release in situations where it is necessary (quick abandoning the vehicle, in case of injuries, sinking in the water, etc.). A soldier is released at one go of the cable, while the vest automatically divides into two parts and goes off. The main way of buttoning and the opening of the vest is with burdock strip (by velcro tape), while the fast release is applied only in critical situations.

 Ballistic combat vest “PBB VB-10”is designed for optimized body disposition, for combat use of all elements of weaponry, military equipment and combat resources issued to soldiers and commanding officers of infantry branch. Combat vest is designed for protection of body vital parts (chest, abdomen, groins, shoulder and upper arm joints) from artillery shell and hand grenade fragments, as well as from regular pistol/revolver bullets, including caliber 9 mm and .44Magnums.

Protective ballistic plates provide protection from regular projectiles fired from submachine guns, automatic rifles, carbines and sniper rifles (as per NIJ STD 01.01.04 standard) and from cal. 5.56 mm SS109 NATO bullets impacting plate covered areas.