Додатне слике

Додатне слике


     The famous and world well-proliferated AD gun/ammunition system family, particularly ZSU-57-2 self-proppeled AD system, based on the T-55 chassis,  provides very versatile,  multipurpose weapon system which is effective and useful for various modes of upgrading.  The gun can successful engage targets at medium and (with some ammunition improvements) on high  altitudes.  In combination with upgraded version of existing AD weapon system( by integration of modern, thermal imaging camera equipped FCS and ammunition upgraded with installation of proximity fuze), the 57mm weapon/ammunition combat systems will be formidable AD system for today’s and future air treats, even for most modern and advanced air forces.

     According to experience from worldwide many current armed conflicts, the self-propelled 57mm weapon system with standard HE ammunition is also still highly effective weapon in sceneries of engagement of ground targets,  particularly in low intensity conflicts and anti guerrilla warfare. For this type of combat sceneries, the 57mm ammunition is probably the optimal ammunition type from  range/ terminal  efficiency/weight/cost  ratio.

  • Aerial targets (aircraft,helicopters,UAV’s)
  • Cruise missiles and stand off weapons
  • Lightly and medium armoured ground targets
  • Wide range of sea and ground targets


Basic features of Serbian 57mm ammunition  are:
  • Extremely high effective range in terms of medium calibre AD  application of modern explosive charge (RDX/AL), with enhanced blast effect and additional incendiary effect
  •  High terminal effect of projectile body fragments  the possibility of engaging medium armoured ground targets (APC’s and IFV’s) gives You the possibility to employ this ammunition in anti-armour operations
  • Employing the self-destruction device for preventing “friendly-fire”
  • Installing the tracer for visual control of projectile’s flight
  • Thanks to it’s versatility this ammunition family can be used in other operation scenarios beside anti aircraft duties
  • Engages targets at higher altitudes prior the launching of their weapons  possibility of increasing the effective vertical range
  •  Possibilities for increasing of terminal effect with implementation of pre-fragment type of projectile body possibility for increasing of weapon system effectiveness with implementation of proximity fuze
  •  Use of self-destruction device for preventing “friendly-fire”
  •  Tracer for visual assessment of projectile’s trajectory