Додатне слике

Додатне слике


Having in mind complexity of defending ships in modern combat environment against sophisticated air attack means,the perfect solution for shipboard air-defence was found in combining missile and gun armament. This cannon design provided optimal combination of projectile terminal efficiency, rate of fire, weapon system’s ammunition carrying capacity, compactness, simplicity and reliability in use.

Families of 30x165mm AD ammunition was developed within the framework of developing of world famous, advanced, whole new generation of medium-calibre cannon based weapon systems for ship borne AD weapon system, for modern combat aircraft, for many types of IFVs/APCs, self-propelled AD systems, as well as for attack helicopters.

The main differences between ammunition families for ship borne, aircraft and vehicle-mounted cannons is in implemented type of gun primer, type of cartridge case surface coating and fuzes type, has been developed for new generation of medium calibre cannon-based weapon systems for modern combat aircraft and ship borne AD weapon system.


These weapon/ammunition systems are capable of engaging following targets:


  • Anti-ship missiles which have penetrated outer layers of ship borne air defence
  • Low flying aerial targets (fixed and rotary wing aircraft, UAV’s, cruise missiles, stand-of weapons)
  • Lightly armoured sea and land targets
  • Wide range of coastal fortification
  • Floating sea-mines


Basic features:


  • advanced propellant charge design, providing the high ballistics performances of projectile, with low-weight and small-dimension of cartridge case and small cannon dimensions and weight and high weapon system ammunition carrying capacity
  • advanced electrical riming system
  • advanced cartridge case manufacturing and surface coating technology, providing high mechanical stress resistance, extremely high rate of fire weapon capabilities, as well as high reliability of weapon’s function
  • modern HE projectile design, providing extremely high interior and exterior ballistics performance and terminal efficiency against wide range of aerial and ground targets
  • high effective explosive charge ( RDX+Al ), providing for secondary incendiary effect
  • effective range against aerial targets more than 3000 m
  • effective range against ground targets more than 4000 m
  • high reliable self destruction device
  • high reliable tracers for enabling the visual control of projectile’s flight
  • broad range of targets engaged
  • high reliability , according to long experience in ammunition mass production
  • practice rounds for training purposes
  • low price and high cost/efficiency ratio