Додатне слике

Додатне слике

AMMUNITION 30mm x 165 ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN 30mm 2A72, 2A42 AND 2A38M

This family of ammunition was designed within new generation medium-calibre cannon-based weapon systems used in IFVs/APCs, self-propelled AD systems, as well as in attack helicopters.

2A42 cannon is a part of armament system of Russian BMP-2, BMD-3 IFVs and Ka-50 and Mi-28 attack helicopters.

2A72 cannon is a part of armament system of Russian highly advanced BMP-3 IFV, as well as a part of armament system of the KLIVER turret, designed for mounting on the old-design IFVs and APCs.

2A38 cannon is a part of armament system of self propelled, advanced AD gun/missile weapon systems 2S6/2S6M TUNGUSKA and PANTSYR-S1.


These weapon/ammunition systems are capable of engaging the following targets:


  • Low-flying aerial targets (fixed and rotary wing aircraft, UAV’s, cruise missiles, stand-off weapons )
  • Lightly armoured targets (APC’s, IFV’s)
  • Wide range of ground targets - field fortifications, dismounted infantry etc.
  • Wide range of targets in urban warfare


Basic features:


  • Advanced propellant charge design, providing for high ballistic performances of the projectile, low weight and small dimensions of the cartridge case, as well as for small cannon dimensions and weight and high weapon system ammunition capacity.
  • Highly reliable mechanical gun primer
  • Advanced steel cartridge case manufacturing technology, providing for high mechanical stress resistance and extremely high rate of fire weapon capabilities
  • Modern HE projectile design, providing extremely high interior and exterior ballistic performance and terminal efficiency against wide range of aerial and ground targets
  • Highly effective explosive charge ( RDX or RDX / Al mixture )
  • Effective range against aerial targets at more than 3000 m
  • Effective range against ground targets at more than 4000 m
  • Advanced impact fuzes with highly reliable self-destruction device
  • Highly reliable tracers with long burning time, enabling visual control of projectile’s flight
  • High flexibility of tactical use
  • Target practice/target practice with tracer rounds for training purposes