Додатне слике

Додатне слике


   Families of 30x165mm AD ammunition were developed within the framework of developing of world famous, advanced, whole new generation of medium-calibre cannon based weapon systems for ship borne AD weapon system, for modern combat aircraft, for many types of IFVs/APCs, self-propelled AD systems, as well as for attack helicopters.

   The main differences between ammunition families for ship borne, aircraft and vehicle mounted cannons is in implemented type of gun primer, type of cartridge case surface coating and fuzes type.

   Spectrum of fighter aircraft where GSh-301 aircraft gun is used is a broad, included are the members of the MiG-29 family, MiG-23/27 and Su-27 family.

   This ammunition family can also be used with Mi-24P helicopter gunship, which have hull starboard built-in GSh-301 double-barrelled gun.


This ammunition family is intended for engaging following types of targets:

 All range of aerial targets within the gun range (aircraft, helicopters, UAV’s, cruise HEI AP-T missiles etc.)

 Wide range of ground targets


Basic features
  • High reliability in combat conditions burst of 4-5 rounds in enough for defeating enemy aircraft during close air combat (dogfight).
  • Advanced propellant charge design, providing the high ballistics performances of projectile, with low-weight and small-dimension of cartridge case and small cannon dimensions and weight and high weapon system ammunition carrying capacity
  •  Advanced cartridge case manufacturing and surface coating technology, providing high mechanical stress resistance, extremely high rate of fire weapon capability and highly reliable aircraft gun function
  •  Modern HE projectile design, providing extremely high interior and exterior ballistics performance and terminal efficiency against wide range of aerial and ground targets
  •  High effective explosive charge ( RDX+Al ), providing for secondary incendiary effect
  •  Effective range against aerial targets more than 3000 m
  •  Effective range against ground targets more than 4000 m
  •  High reliable tracers for enabling the visual control of projectile’s flight
  •  High flexibility and versatile of tactical use
  •  Broad range of targets engaged