Додатне слике

Додатне слике


    The 20mm x 110 HISPANO ammunition family is one of the most common ammunition family in the field of 20mm Air Defense (AD) ammunition. This type of AD ammunition is intended for use in well-proliferated Serbian M55 gun family, as well as for other AD gun systems based on the famous HISPANO HS 404/804 gun system. Those AD systems are still in use in many armed forces around the world. Despite the constant development of air attack assets, and, according to that, trends of continuous development of more powerful AD ammunition, 20mm – class AD weapon systems saved important place in inventories of practically all modern armed forces, all over to world. 

    The 20mm gun is still efficient weapon of modern Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) and wide range of other combat vehicle types. Vehicle - mounted 20mm AD guns, according to experience from many current armed conflicts, whose particularly depend in the category of low-intensity conflicts and anti-guerrilla warfare, is showing high efficiency in engaging of wide range of ground targets, due to relatively high rate of fire-terminal effect -ammunition capacity ratio.

    According to those trends, the Serbian made IFV BVP M-80/A family has integrated 20mm gun based on HISPANO system. The BVP M80 IFV with this 20mm gun became combat-well proven weapon system.  

    The current combat experience showing high effectiveness of relatively old 20mm M55 family of weapon/ammunition system in engaging of modern stand-of weapons, including cruise missiles as well as TV/IIR and GPS/INS guiding glide bombs  (CALCM, TLAM, AGM-130, JSOW etc.).   


These rounds are capable of engaging of following targets:
  • Low flying aerial targets (fixed and rotary wing aircraft, UAV’s, cruise missiles, stand-of weapons)
  •  Lightly armored ground targets (APC’s, IFV’s)
  •  Wide range of field fortification
  •  Wide range of targets in urban warfare

 Basic features:


  •  Effective range against aerial targets more than 1500
  •  Effective range against ground targets more than 2000 m
  •  High effective explosives (RDX+Al), providing for secondary incendiary effect
  •  Self destruction device
  •  Tracers for enabling the visual control of projectile’s flight
  •  High flexibility of tactical use
  •  Broad range of targets engaged
  •  High reliability, according to long experience in ammunition mass production
  •  Practice rounds for training purposes
  •  Low price and high cost/efficiency ratio
  •  High ammunition capacity of weapon system, according to low weight and dimension  of single ammunition round