Додатне слике

Додатне слике


    Aircraft gunpod with 12.7 mm HMG is intended for underwing mounting at wide range of slow-flying piston-engined/turboprop fixed wing aircraft, as well as for weapon side-mounting carriers at general purpose helicopters. Fixed and rotor-wing aircraft armed with this weapon can be particularly effective in anti-terrorist and counterinsurgency operations, as well as in internal security roles.

   Weapon is featuring with lightweight and compact design, possibility for integration with wide range of aircraft, including light fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, high ammunition capacity, high rate of fire, long range, high stability during sustained fire, safe operation, high reliability, user-friendly design and easy reloading and maintenance.              

  • Weight(kg) loaded/unloaded                     110 / 77
  • Length  (mm)                                                  1630
  • Width (mm)                                                       485
  • Height (mm)                                                      485         
HMG 12.7 mm with cradle
  •  HMG Calibre/designation                            12.7 x 108mm M09
  •  Muzzle velocity (m/s)                                   845
  •  Rate of fire  (rd/min)                                     >620
  • magazine capacity                                           200 rounds


Gun loading Pneumatic installation
  •  Working fluid                                   azot
  •  working pressure                            8 bara
  •  tank capacity                                     5 loadings 
  •   voltage                                               28±4 V
  •  firing modes                                       short burst - 5 met

                                                                 long burst  -  10 met
                                                                 sustained fire


  •  Available ammunition 
  •  working fluid pressure
  •  HMG in safe position 
  •  HMG in fire position
  •  Firing modes
  •  Gunloading bottom
  •  Triggering bottom at aircraft control handle