Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Aeronautical pod M09 with M55-09 gun 20x110 mm

    The aeronautical pod M09 with the M55-09 20x110 mm gun can be used with a wide range of multi-role and transportation helicopters. The pod is mounted on helicopter side supports. The pod is primarily intended for close fire support in anti-terrorist and anti-riot missions, as well as in territory surveillance and border protection tasks. The machinegun is efficient against lightly armored and unarmored vehicles and against troops in buildings, unfortified facilities and field fortifications.

    The pods have compact design, small recoil force, the possibility of integration with various types of helicopters, and a large amount of ammunition in the combat set. They also feature good rates of fire, effective range, high stability during action, high accuracy and reliability. Simple preparation and ease of maintenance are also the characteristics of this system.


  • Weight (kg) with full/empty magazine       190 / 130
  • Length (mm)                                               2600
  • Diameter (mm)                                            400                          

    The pod accommodates a shock-absorber which reduces the recoil. The breech block is put in the rear position (i.e. it is cocked) from the cabin, right before firing. In case of ammunition failure, it can be re-cocked from the cabin. The pneumatic installation is designed to allow the weapon to be cocked up to 5 times during a flight.   

  Gun M-55 cal. 20 x 108 mm with the cradle

  • Muzzle velocity (m / s)                   850
  • Effective range                               2000 m    
  • Rate of fire (RD / min)                    650-730 rds/min
  • Magazine capacity                          200 rds in the belt
  • Gun weight                                     49kg


 Pneumatic cocking installation

  •  Working fluid                        Nitrogen
  •  Working pressure                  8 Bar
  •  Tank capacity                        3-5 times
  •  Voltage                                 28 V ± 4
  •  Firing modes
  • Short bursts                            5 rds
  • Long bursts                             10 rds
  •  Sustained bursts

 The control box features

  • Indication of available ammunition 
  • Indication of the breech-block position
  • Cocking
  • Indication of the brake condition
  • Indication of the working fluid pressure
  • Selection of firing mode 
  • Triggering with the aircraft control stick