Додатне слике

Додатне слике

7.62x51 mm NATO M77AX automatic weapon family

7.62x51 mm NATO M77 AX  automatic weapon family has been developed based on upgrade of 7.62x51 NATO M77 automatic weapon family. The M77 AX weapon family includes M77 AX assault rifle and M77B1AX light machine gun (LMG).

This unique automatic weapon family offers a new prospectives for modern infantryman, combining high reliability in harsh operational environment characterized by well-proven Kalashnikov system, with high firepower, high accuracy and combat versatility achieved by compatibility with all types of 7.62x51 NATO ammunition and full range of state-of-the-art optoelectronic sighting systems.   

M77AX weapon family аrе featuring with ability for integration or mounting of many modern components / assemblies intended for increasing of combat versatility and effectiveness, including: 

  • forward handguard made from rigid polymer materials with top and bottom-integrated picatinny rail sighting system cariers
  • receiver side - integrated holder for mounting of picatinny rail sighting systems carrier, or cover - integrated picatinny rail sighting systems carrier
  • rigid side-folding stock, polymer-made;
  • carrying handle, (option for assault rifle, standard for LMG)
  • low-observable mat-finish.
  • lightweight magazine, polymer-made (option)
  • removable bipod as option (fixed foldable bipod as standard equip. for LMG)