5.56x45mm M10 Assault Light machinegun

The M10 5.56 x 45 mm Assault Lighmachinegun is representing a modern Squad Automatc Weapon  concept  solution featuring with high effectiveness in modern infantry combat in majority of projected tactical situations in various confict scales. Unique weapon design in combining higly reliable PKM concept integrated with 5.56 x45 mm NATO round  and  modern SAW weapon-class features, including multiple picatiny rail sighting and handing system carrier and heavy barrel.  Weapon combat and explatation characteristics includes  lightweight and compact design, high firepower, due to high magazine capacity and high rate of fire,  higly accurate  and extreemely stable line of fire during continous burst fire, long barrel service life, high reliability in harsh environment and lack of maintenance conditions, as well as rapid line of fire changing and possibility for using from standing  positions during close urban and counter terror combat.

The rifle can have limited controlled burst of 3 rounds.