Додатне слике

Додатне слике


In the past decade the needs of contemporary battlefield particularly pointed out the importance of introducing some subsystems and conceptual solutions. In principle, this was announced on the market parallel to the development of the second generation of NORA system, however full development of the subsystems has been completed in the past several years thus creating the third generation of NORA system. The latest technology in design and manufacture were applied in designing of the third generation of NORA, which resulted in multiple savings in time as well as in the increased accuracy. The weapon is modular, which provides for the delivery of a number of different options depending on the user’s choice.

The third generation NORA incorporates a number of new technical solutions such as complete armor protection of all sides of the vehicle which is most notable on the outside, and which has changed general outside appearance of the system.

The introduction of ballistic protection has increased the probability of survival of the weapon when exposed to fragmentation effect of ordnance and missiles. Apart from protection against fragmentation effect, the applied solution of ballistic protection also provides resistance against ambush or effects of small calibre arms, as well as certain resistance of vital parts of the weapon against antipersonnel and anti-vehicle mines and improvised explosive devices.

Introducing auxiliary power unit (APU) intended for power supply of the all subsystems: elevation and traverse mechanism, automatic loader, firing mechanism, front and rear trails increases autonomous engagement of the weapon. (optional)


“NORA K-I” features the following basic automatic functions:

  • Semiautomatic breechblock,
  • Automatic loader of missiles and powder charges,
  • Electro-hydraulic laying of the weapon in traverse and elevation,
  • Automatic line of sight, (optional)
  • Electric and hydraulic extracting  and retracting of front and rear trails,
  • Navigation and orientation system, (GPS optional INS)
  • Fire control system.



  • The modifications introduced on Nora K-I include the following:
  • Increased speed of  assuming firing position and automatic aiming,
  • Increased precision of determination of own position,
  • Increased  crew security,
  • Increased weapon mobility,
  • Increased reliability of all weapon systems,
  • Increased autonomy,
  • Decreased number of  crew members, and
  • Decreased fatigue of the crew.

The teared generation incorporates following  innovations namely:

  • Development and manufacture of armor protection system including unique armor assembly for crew cabin and ammunition magazine, as well as armor assembly of the turret with armament system, automatic loader and places for the commander and gunner; as well as anti-mine protection (optional) and armor protection of all fuel tanks;

Development of new software and installation of contemporary equipment for automated navigation system, and automated fire control system;

  • Redesign  of new assemblies of the breech and the breechblock;
  • Redesign  of modified automatic loader,
  • Introduction of new chassis with higher mobility and bearing capacity,
  • Development of original system for internal crew communication,
  • Installation of a radar on the weapon for measurement of muzzle velocity 
  • Implementation of back-up functions for trail elevation and traverse mechanism