Додатне слике

Додатне слике

12.7 x 108 mm M02 Coyotte infantry borne heavy machine gun

HMG 12.7 x 108 mm M02 gun design is based on famous NSV, the best heavy machine gun ever designed. This design provides reliable, jam proof operation in any ground and weather conditions.

The most important custom features:

  • Made of high tensile heat treated steel forgings
  • Hard chromium plate barrel interior
  • Front and rear mechanical sights
  • Functional parts machined on state-of-art CNC machinery that enables very accurate production and very low tolerances
  • Each gun is subjected to rigorous testing and approval
  • Belt-fed
  • Empty cases ejected forward
  • Barrel can be quickly detached for cooling or cleaning
  • Spare barrel prolongs the service life of the weapon
  • Gas chamber equipped with gas flow regulator


The M87 HMG can be integrated with various types of Serbian designed mounts, intended for integration with various tank or vehicle-mounts, naval and airborne

mounts, as well as with various infantry mounts, enabling  weapon use in a wide range of tactical and operational roles: 

  • MBT and vehicle gun mount
  • Light  vehicle gum mount
  • armoured modular universal gun mount , intended for integration with various combat and non-combat (utility, patrol, transport etc)  vehicles
  • Infantry Air Defence / ground target engagement  mount
  • Naval mount
  • Helicopter platform mount
  • Infantry  mount, GPMG-style
  • Aircraft container-integrated HMG installation