Додатне слике

Додатне слике


120 mm M91 is high performance, shoulder launched, disposable rocket launcher which is safe, reliable and very easy to use.

Main features of weapon are: accuracy and high penetration capability. This anti-armour weapon system has been designed for engagement of modern MBTs at ranges up to 250 m as well as for engagement of field fortifications and zones of manpower concentration at ranges up to 400 m. Penetration exceeds 800 mm RHA.

Weapon firing is possible from standing, prone or kneeling position, with or without support. Weapon unit consists of a launcher and rocket projectile fitted with shaped charge warhead, locked in the launcher.

Launcher tube, weighing 5.7 kg, also serves for tactical packaging of the rocket. It is made of composite materials. Launcher tube is involved in sighting, activation of rocket engine and directing the rocket projectile to the target. The sighting device provides engagement of all targets, during day or night, at ranges up to 400 m. The launcher can be equipped with passive night sight. Transition from marching into combat position is slightly less than 15 seconds.

Rocket projectile consists of rocket engine and shaped charge warhead, fitted with piezo electric fuze. The engine is of impulse type, made of Al alloy with high mechanical characteristics. Shaped charge warhead is made of pressed phlegmatized octogen, containing piezo electric superquick fuze of contact type, with pyrotechnic self destruction mode. The fuze is muzzle safe at 8 m, with self destruction time of 4-6 s.