Додатне слике

Додатне слике

107mm AND 107mm-M06 ROCKETS

  The “107” rocket system is an anti-personnel weapon developed for light artillery, infantry and Special Forces units.

  Rocket “107-M06” is fully compatible to the multiple rocket launcher systems which are used for the original rocket.

   The rocket propellant, used in grain production, is the modern thermoplastic composite propellant made according to the original technology. The propellant grain is not bonded to the walls of the combustion chamber, which enables easy and cost effective overhaul of the rocket at the premises of the Customer, in the future.

The “107-M06” rocket is spin stabilized by six canted nozzles, and rotates with high angular velocity, ensuring great accuracy.

In order to prove the quality of our rockets and accentuation of theirs advantages we are ready to perform flight tests on yours or ours flight-test facilities.