Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Elint/passive surveillance system “Radana”



The main purpose of RADANA system is to enable passive detection, identification, (as well as tracking) of electromagnetic radiation from ground, naval, and air sources in frequency range 0.5-18 GHz. This system together with the radar system of airspace control completes the overall situation awareness.

In the same time it is intended for analysis of received signals in order to gather intelligence information about the enemy.

Note: Features designated with are not included in the standard version and should be considered as an option.



The system performs the following tasks:

  • Receive signals from an electromagnetic radiation source (radars) in frequency range 0.5 – 18 GHz, and locate a radiation source based on the data from three receiving stations by triangulation.
  • Graphically display position data on the operator’s console monitoring the operation shelter in which a geographic information system of the area under surveillance is implemented.
  • Compare the parameters of the received signals with the known signals from data base in order to identify the source of radiation Send, automatically or by the operator, x, y coordinates, radiation source detection time and the identification to the operation center(s) in order to correlate the data and use them on higher command levels. Analyze the received signals, detect intelligence data and transmit them to the intelligence operation center(s) for further processing and use.
  • Receives IFF signals from SSR (transponders) and simultaneously tracks (up to 200 targets) using multistatic radar methods. The system is synchronized with either cooperative (own) or non cooperative (enemy) secondary radars.
  • Decodes received IFF signals in 1, 2, 3A and C modes. Encrypted signals are registered and stored for further analysis.
  • Graphically displays on dedicated operator monitor tracks of received IFF signals with decoded data, or marked as encrypted.
  • Send, automatically or by the operator, x, y coordinates and the identification of tracked IFF signals to the airspace control center(s) in order to correlate the data and use them on higher command levels.


The system consists of:

  • Three mobile receiving stations. Shelters mounted on truck type vehicle chassis, fitted with equipment for receiving, processing, displaying, and transmission of signals and data.
  • Dedicated receiver antenna systems for electronic surveillance and multistatic SSR tracking with anchoring equipment are also mounted on the chassis.
  • Communication equipment (radio-relay link and radio equipment).
  • In one of the three vehicles there is a computer unit for joint data and signal processing, as well as equipment for data transmission to the upper levels. Besides, the command shelter is fitted with the equipment for command and control of the whole system.
  • Primary power supply source are two electric power units (the main and the spare one), mobile type.