Activities 15.10.2018.

International Exhibition “ADEX 2018”, Baku - Azerbaijan

The international exhibition of armament and defence equipment "ADEX 2018" was held in Baku, Azerbaijan in the period between 27 and 29 September 2018.

The purpose of participating in this exhibition was to present the production and development programs of Jugoimport – SDPR and Serbian defence industry to a large number of visitors.

A special emphasis was placed on the products of Jugoimport – SDPR production and development programs, such as the multi-role armoured fighting vehicle "Lazar 3", armoured vehicle "Milos", 155mm self-propelled howitzer "Nora" and 155mm self-propelled howitzer "Aleksandar".

The exhibition stand of Jugoimport – SDPR was visited by numerous visitors dealing in trade, as well as by many foreign delegations.

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